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I have been working abroad for the past 5 years. While trying to make as many trips to go home as possible, I think the burden proved too much for my marriage, and the first (in fact, before you leave) I realized that my wife was with a series of adventures with other men. Bonnie is a beautiful brunette with gorgeous legs and shapely figure. She is confident and charming, and maintains a busy engineering company, so it was inevitable, really. to deal with it, I fantasize about infidelity than behind my back I would. I'd like to shake me out when the phone goes unanswered, or you may hear the voice of a man who mysteriously laugh or a loud party in the background, and who have responded to the content Gradually these advances on my part, Usa lingerie, babydoll and socks during my sessions from the chaff. I shaved my body hair. All part sexfortv of the feminization of sissy cuckold fantasy, I guess. , but in the last two years has been completely excluded me sex and I refused, finally,requires that we parted. A few months ago sexfortv introduced its new Italian friend of the world Marine at the wedding of friends, including my brother. He described sexfortv Marino as intelligent handsome Italian suit with a Porsche. was surprised that she dared with the arrival of him and he disappeared for an hour at the party before the start of the hotel. on my last trip home, but things took a final turn most humiliating and erotic, though. Bonnie announced that no longer wanted to stay inside our family home, But since it was available, he asked me to baby sit on Friday, as they went at night. got there around 19:00 but was surprised to find a Porsche in the garage. was Marino, who opened the door. High handsome and well built, who was dressed for the night and seem willing to take my wife. said : 'We have John, Bonnie ex-husband comes to ' felt three inches tall and my stomach was in knots when he offered me a drink, and told me that Bonnie was wearing. ' You know we live sexfortv together now,' she said. 'I love your dear sexfortv wife, and you are not in a position to them emotionally or physically removed all Timesh have needs and now meet. Provide' Before I could respond, could Bonnie to be heard, stairs ' Oh hello John' I read quickly, ' you've done Marine then. ' you were very beautiful winery in black mini -dress, which make up wonderbra bust, dark nylon stockings pure and 4 -inch strappy sandals. makeup and her hair piled long and dark. In the new diamond ring diamond saw on her ring finger. My cock from her 6-inch total jumped at the sexfortv sight of the beautiful woman Hermy life and go for the night with another man sexfortv do not wait until she advised as she opened the door. you have to sleep in the guest room. My last look was her riding outfit to show her thighs storage lids how to enter sports car bowed Marinos. I blew a kiss and wAved sexfortv and vice versa. crap this can not be true, I whispered to myself, but my tension and bulging cock panties told me it was not a dream. I'm ashamed to admit I made ​​a detour to our room. I spent the night trying new doll underwear and panties and shaking my zeal furious cock. Finally, frustrated and exhausted, I slipped into the room and fell into a restless sleep was night when I whisper to the sound of Bonnie woke up : 'We are at home' Then he added, ' drunken sailors and bed ' ' I hope you are not angry,' he said. ' it's good to see you again. sexfortv ' that was when he felt his hand slide under the sheets and gently cup my balls. ' Oh, naughty child who was still wearing my underwear, ' he laughed. ' You will never change. ' Use then leaned in and kissed me. At first gently, then harder. The sexfortv smell of her familiar smell brought a lot of sensory memories suppress happier days. My cock rose eagerly to his ministrations fixed,as he slid the fine material on one side and began to stroke firmly. is then announced : '. There are things you should know that ' ' I'll marry Marine and' ' In reality, we must, because I was pregnant by him ' Although was like a dagger to listen, my hips began to move up and down while pumping my tool kit n. only moaned deeply with a mixture of lust, jealousy and humiliation. I tried to get up, but she pushed forward in the bed on all fours position. ' Let's play one last time' together cum whispered'one last ' with my swollen cock in his hand but she began to be milked, and straightening my ass -.. still in panties wrapped Then the feeling of fresh and beautiful fingering my tight ass with moisturizer, pumping my cock all the time. What do you think of the Marines who asked ? ' seems an arrogant bastard,' I could not breathe in the dark, ' I can not believe' that was when I felt my hips firmly shaking hands of men, as Bonnie quickly slid my panties over my legs without problems.. ' What the ' ' Shut up you little effeminate son of a bitch ' Marine whispered in the dark. Bonnie laughed and grabbed my cock again. before I had to respond basic body 9 years felt centimeter tail slide my rectum. n For the next 10 minutes, Bonnie hugged me stuck in my ass Marine. 'Fuck yeah, you know your little queen, how to take a dick in the ass, just as we suspected, ' hissed Marine ' I told you that would rather use the time, 'laughed Bonnie n ' I never saw so hard. 'But she was right, I said my hard cock vein as all who masturbate in desperation I started. ' Oh dear, you will enjoy your last cum with me 'she whispered in his ear. Los Marinos whole I grabbed her hips in his hands I got out of bed and rammed his cock in my ass balls, spits his hot sperm Jets shaking my ass. 'Please, no, I sexfortv cried,' , but the view Bonnie looked at me with his mouth open and close above my head was too much. s still impatook his cock, I came out hot jets 4. 5 or more 6 quickly semen in my wife 's mouth as she squeezed my balls in a vice grip. IN was surprised because she had never cum in my mouth sexfortv before. A As I stopped at my level, until I grabbed his head and kissed sexfortv me deeply and passionately. A then testing his pierced tongue and her mouth with sexfortv my own family warm salty cum filled. ' Drinking milk blowjob cuckold' Marino whispered to me as it sexfortv slid down my throat. Bonnie pulled my panties and Marine let me fall into bed. bye John Bonnie said that in the morning we have a lie in You left me and went to the room next door. It was not long before the complaints started and called the bed. was in the dark, my panties are in the middle of listening to my newly pregnant wife of her lover.
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